d东森娱乐:The Plurima Range

Experience the plurality of options with the smart multistation.?It’s modular, compact and versatile and it’s contemporary design blends in perfectly with other Technogym equipment

The smart multistation gym

Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based, multiple strength training station which perfectly complements the cardio range and can be used in a fully autonomous manner thanks to its user-friendliness and integration of technology features. And each and every aspect is designed to bring your customers results in comfort. It is the ideal solution for the Hospitality, Residential and Corporate sectors that want to meet the wellness demands of their guests, clients, athletes, apartment residents and corporate users

Unique to this range

The Plurima range - Compact, modular and versatile

Compact, modular and versatile

Plurima is compact and modular so it can be installed in confined spaces while its stylish design blends in perfectly with other Technogym equipment.

The Plurima range - More exercises in less space

More exercises in less space

In just 6.5 square metres,? as many as 150 total body training exercises can be carried out.? In the wall configuration,? Plurima is the only commercially available multiple training station enabling a large number of exercises to be performed in a limited space.

The Plurima range - Intelligent technology

Intelligent technology

Technogym’s integrated mywellness cloud? platform enables users to access their own Wellness account anywhere in the world and upload content to social networks. Training schedules and results can be shared with other users and personal trainers.

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