SKILLMILL is the first versatile and complete functional training product, capable of simultaneously training Power, Speed, Resistance and Agility. Thanks to Technogym's long experience in the sports sector, Skillathletic Training is born. The training method developed by Technogym allows the user to improve their skills. Those who work on SKILLMILL can therefore increase their skills, training in an engaging and effective way just as a real athlete.


Skillmill was born as a non-motorized product that is activated only with the force of the user. It's not just a treadmill. If the user wants to increase the speed, they must move towards the front platform. The opposite movement by moving to the rear will decelerate speed. The product is designed especially to follow the athlete's rhythm. As well as its ergonomic design it offers durability and safety.

Thanks to the registered patent Multidrive Technology, the user can experiment with the different combinations of speed and resistance. It can select between different levels of resistance simply by operating a lever. In this way, a rigorous walk is associated with an increase in metabolic intensity, along with the increase in resistance. Another important result of this technology is maximum muscle activation. For example, the thrust exercise in the "slide" position involves the use of buttocks similar to that obtained with the kneeling squat.

Power, speed, endurance and agility are the main foundations of skillathletic training. The Skillmill allows you to increase these functions by using training that is similar to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This training methodology alternates short but intense phases of anaerobic exercise with low intensity recoveries. Thus it is possible to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity in addition to fat metabolism. Another result is the increase in neuromuscular coordination, thanks to the progressive improvement of the ability to perform complex movements. The Skillmill in fact allows different types of combinations of basic movements to be made. So it that help athletes to perfect thrust, traction, rotation, locomotion, flexion, squat and sinking. It does so in total safety, preventing incorrect postures, possible injuries and risks from excessive training.

Thanks to UNITY SELF, an interactive touch screen that includes the SKILLMILL App, you can increase content and training programs. They increase the motivation and involvement of the user and consequently the potential of the facility. Skillmill class, Skillathletic class and Virtual Training are the formats that allow a completely personalized workout. Skillathletic class sessions are better suited to smaller groups and consequently to individual needs. The Skillmill class is suited to the needs of high-energy centres and guarantees athletic performance levels based on your heart rate objectives. Always under the supervision of the trainer. Finally, Virtual training offers a series of individual or group workouts. These can be carried out without staff supervision and allow you to organise and maximise the use of the product.

With its 1910 mm depth, 890 mm width and 1540 mm height, Skillmill offers a workout that can be set to 11 levels of magnetic resistance and unlimited speed. The presence of the integrated console, available on Console and Connect versions, ensures the tracking of data during training and their storage, through the Mywellness cloud platform. Highly intuitive and easy to read, the console measures watt, resistance level, time, speed, distance and heart rate via Bluetooth® Smart. The double handle of Skillmill allows the user to take the correct position for high or low thrust, to any type of build. And with the accessory kit the variety of thrusts and tractions is even wider. Finally, the front wheels make it easier to move the equipment from one place to another.

In addition to the completeness of the connected workout and data tracking with Skillmill Connect, there are two other versions of Skillmill.

With Skillmill go, the focus is on Athletic Performance Training with the supervision of the trainer or with the support of the Virtual Training solution. Training by checking your physiological parameters and training data is possible thanks to the Skillmill Console. Real-time and easy to read thanks to the integrated console. 

Technogym DJK04DTAN00EANR2



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