SKILLMILL is the first versatile and complete functional training product that can simultaneously train Power, Speed, Resistance and Agility. Technogym's extensive experience in the world of sports resulted in the development of Skillathletic Training. The user will improve all of their skills with this new training method developed by Technogym. Anyone who works out on SKILLMILL will not only increase their skills, but they will also engage in highly effective training like a professional athlete.


SKILLMILL was developed as a non-motorized product that is activated through the force of the user. It's more than a simple treadmill. If the user wants to increase the speed, they have to move towards the front of the platform.  Likewise, moving to the back of the platform will reduce the speed. The product is designed specifically to shadow the rhythm of the athlete. In addition to an ergonomic design, it offers durability and safety.


Patented Multidrive Technology enables users to experiment with different combinations of speed and resistance. Users can select different levels of resistance simply by operating a lever. This is one way to associate a rigorous walk with an increase in metabolic intensity and an increase in resistance. This technology also focuses on maximum muscle activation. One example is the push exercise in the "slide" position, where the use of buttocks is similar to that obtained with the kneeling squat.


Power, speed, endurance and agility are the at the core of SKILL ATHLETIC TRAINING. The SKILLMILL allows you to increase these functions by using training similar to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This training methodology alternates short but intense phases of anaerobic exercise with low intensity recoveries. It makes it possible to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity and aids in fat metabolism. Additionally, it increases neuromuscular coordination through the progressive improvement of the ability to perform complex movements. The SKILLMILL allows different types of basic movement combinations to help athletes perfect push, traction, rotation, locomotion, flexion, squat and sinking. It does so in total safety, preventing incorrect postures, possible injuries and risks from excessive training.


UNITY SELF is an interactive touch screen that includes the SKILLMILL app so that you can increase content and training programs. It increases motivation and user involvement, and as a consequence, also the potential of the facility. SKILLMILL CLASS, SKILL ATHLETIC CLASS and Virtual Training are different formats that allow a completely personalized workout.

SKILLATHLETIC CLASS sessions are best for smaller groups and to address individual needs. The SKILLMILL CLASS is great for high-energy centers and guarantees athletic performance levels based on your heart rate objectives. It is always conducted with the supervision of the trainer. Finally, Virtual training offers a series of individual or group workouts. These can be carried out without staff supervision and allow you to organize and maximize the use of the product.

Additional product features

With its 1910 mm depth, 890 mm width and 1540 mm height, SKILLMILL offers a workout that can be set to 11 levels of magnetic resistance and unlimited speed.

The presence of the integrated console, available on Console and Connect versions, ensures the tracking of data during training and storage through the mywellness cloud platform. Highly intuitive and easy to read, the console measures watt, resistance level, time, speed, distance and heart rate via Bluetooth® Smart.

The double handle of SKILLMILL allows the user of any build to assume the correct position for high or low push. And with the accessory kit, there is an even broader variety of pushes and tractions available.

Lastly, the front wheels make it easier to move the equipment from one place to another.


    a)       In addition to SKILLMILL GO there are two other versions of SKILLMILL. With SKILLMILL CONNECT, the user can enjoy a fully connected workout, storing                      personal results through the Mywellness® open source cloud platform. Checking physiological parameters and training data in real time is possible with the                        SKILLMILL CONSOLE.

    b)      In addition to SKILLMILL CONNECT, there are two other versions of Skillmill. With SKILLMILL GO, the focus is on Athletic Performance Training with the                           supervision of the trainer or with the support of the Virtual Training solution. Checking your physiological parameters and training data while working out is                           possible through the SKILLMILL CONSOLE. It is done in real time and is easy to read thanks to the integrated console.

    c)       In addition to SKILLMILL CONNECT there are two other versions of SKILLMILL. With SKILLMILL GO, the user can focus on training guided by the trainer. With                SKILLMILL CONNECT, the user can enjoy a fully connected workout, storing personal results through the mywellness® open source cloud platform.

Discover more about the other SKILL LINE products: SKILLROW and SKILLRUN.

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