Kinesis Personal is the first piece of elegantly designed home gym equipment for functional training.


Natural, unlimited movement 
Thanks to the FullGravity patent, consisting of a pivoting pulley system, Kinesis Personal provides an unlimited range of movements. The resistance is gradually applied to achieve supreme fluency and silent movement during exercise. You can exercise both single muscles and entire muscle chains for a complete and effective functional workoutThe Kinesis offers exercises for the abdominals, bluesman many more. In fact, more than 200 different exercises can be done with Kinesis Personal.

Unique Design 

Designed by Antonio Citterio, Kinesis Personal combines design, technology and craftsmanship, all made in Italy. In the VISION version of the product, the structural support is covered with three panels made of polished steel, which act as mirror without distortion, enabling users to check and maintain their good posture while training. Another impressive design detail is the aluminum alloy arms, which support the cables: the arms are hand polished with a fine craftsmanship process.

Why Functional training?

Functional training improves movements connected both with daily activities and specific sports. The body and its functions are the core of this kind of workout, with exercises made of combined movements to train the entire body and not only single muscles. With Kinesis Personal you can train strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.
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Technogym MD052-S


东森娱乐平台登录:Kinesis PERSONAL VISION

The Kinesis Personal Vision is the ultimate piece of designer gym equipment for both home and wellness
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Inclusive of transport and installation (if required)
Technogym offers premium transportation and installation services, with maximum attention to detail.
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